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Coach's splurb:

Mujaji as a club opened its doors 13 years ago but our history dates back further than that. We were in essence born out of Safmarine who as early as 1995 started entering the corporate leagues run annually by Nicola Osse and DBSA. In 1998 the Safdragons club was formalized after Safmarine was sold and the new owners opted not to enter the league anymore. By this stage the Safdragons were quite a force in the corporate league so with a lot of help from Pam Newby, formed a club and Pam started training sweeps, including myself. Pam's roots were in Paddlesnappers but as usual she spent a lot of her time urging others to form clubs and the fact that we are here today bears testimony to that. She eventually joined us and is now one of the few really longstanding members the club Mujaji enjoys along with myself, Wendy and Kim. Mujaji was formed in 2003 with the arrival of the IDBF CCWC(2004) imminent on our shores. Safdragons were a female dominant club then and Dragons Pursuit (ex I&J) having more men was an obvious fitso the 2 clubs joined forces and renamed to a more African themed name. The new club went on to take part in the International CCWC and is still a healthy selfstanding club today. Post 2004 numbers dwindled and we became known as the small club with a big heart. Our culture is one of hard work and competition on the water but a lot of fun, goodwill and socializing when off of it.

On the goodwill front Mujaji are aligned with SANCCOB and annually adopt penguin chicks at the end of each year. We have also been known to hold long distance fundraisers when the resources of SANCCOB were particularly stretched due to coastwise groundings and sinkings.
Mujaji members are now widespread finding themselves in Germany. UK, and Australia to mention a few. In addition our open boat policy attracts many foreign paddlers and the Mujaji vest has left our shores on many a proud back as a result of this. Mujaji members have competed in China, USA, UK, Italy, Gauteng, paddled to Robben Island and have also in the past taken roadtrips to Knysna timing this along with the ever popular Oyster Festival.
Mujaji was also the first S African club to import its own racing spec boat from Germany and it was an investment well made. I may add that the purchase was made possible through interest free loans from club members and some sponsorship. The input of Christoph was enormous throughout this entire project.
Mujaji was also at the forefront of staging the first of the new round of league regatta’s. That task and the now monthly regatta schedule is currently administered by the WPDBA and has really helped to raise the bar in terms of Cape Town dragonboat prowess. In addition members have been have been instrumental in the coaching or forging of new and existing clubs in the Cape Town area and are proud of having done their bit to increase awareness and grow the sport in the region. Mujaji also host many returning and new corporate teams looking for a team build, Christmas party or even regatta and Wendy’s skilled hand here at organizing the bigger gatherings is a real boost to the club. The Oxford/Cambridge “Paddle to Read” event grows bigger every year and Mujaji takes pride in playing its part in staging an event that contributes to such a worthwhile cause.

Our homebase has always been the V&A Waterfront and for this we thank Captain Steven Bentley, his predecessor Captain Bill Shewell and Penny Randall for their support over the years The current marina team of Michael Thomas and Louis Souls also deserve warm thanks here. Your efforts and input do not go unnoticed.
In more recent times Mujaji has made the Cape Grace’s Bascule Bar its clubhouse with the purchase of membership in their VinClub. This provides a warm atmosphere in which to unwind when practice is complete, something very important to many Mujaji. Coffee and blankets for cold paddlers in the lounge when chased off the water by weather is also a pleasant occasion we enjoy on those cold winter Saturday mornings. Thanks must also go out to the other clubs and the WPDBA who have all in their own ways ensured that we remain driven and actually maintain the steam in Mujaji’s drive to go faster and faster.

Over the past few years this small club with a big heart has grown to where we now float 2 boats at practice times yet that heart remains stronger than ever. Mujaji comprises a really eclectic band of different people who are fun-loving but highly competitive.
Greg Pearce

Rain Queen Mujaji is a dragon who lives on Table Mountain and is said to look like a great feathered serpent.

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