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Dragon boat racing is the ultimate team sport, the more you paddle together as one, the faster you go!

Who you are in the company / school / group is irrelevant - it is how you paddle that counts!

Anyone can do it - and have a lots of fun doing so!         You are all in the same boat - pull together!

Spectators have a lot of fun cheering their teams on .. and cheer-leading often gets quite competitive.

A team can consist of between 10 to 18 paddlers plus a drummer.
WCDBA accredited helms are provided to coach and helm you.

Contact us by filling in the form below if you would like to know more,   or email   wendymujaji.org.za   phone 082-416-2545

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Company staff revving their paddlers up
and cheering them on ...

at the Annual
Cambridge-Oxford University Press Boat Race

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